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Meet Hat

This is Hattie, also known as "Hat" for short. Hattie is an amazing one year old girl with a big personality and constant inquisitiveness that often leaves her parents struggling to keep up. In July 2018, after a series of hospital visits, she was diagnosed with B-Cell ALL Leukemia when she was 10 months old. 

While Infant ALL is quite challenging to treat,  a number of things have fallen in our favor in regards to treatment, which we are incredibly grateful for, although we have a long road ahead. Having just completed her first round of intensive chemotherapy, Hattie has been astoundingly resilient despite the daily regimen that would present a great challenge to anyone, let alone someone her age. 

Due to her age, the medical team has decided to place her in a high-risk leukemia protocol, which essentially translates to more chemotherapy & more inpatient hospital time aka increased frustration for Hattie & costlier medical bills. The process certainly isn't easy, but we have found incredible support from close family, friends and complete strangers at every turn, which has been invaluable so far. Cancer is a big word and it can be scary but it certainly doesn't encapsulate who Hattie is. It's not even close. Thank you for taking a minute of your day to read a bit about our marvelous & wonderful "Hat". 

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